Ratings Explained

Of course my ratings are subjective, but they are also based on forty years of movie-going, viewing thousands of films of all genres and national origins (many repeatedly), years of reading about movies and movie-making, and a deep affection for the cinema. Take my ratings for what they’re worth, which is quite a bit . . . in my opinion.

five_stars a masterpiece

These are the finest productions, perfect in most every way, usually ground-breaking and influential on later films. These should be on everyone’s must-see list.

four_stars excellent

These are flawed masterpieces or movies that are otherwise technically superior but not as “important” as the top-rated films.

three_stars good

These movies are worth seeing, but certainly not required viewing. Fans of the genres, actors, directors, or technicians responsible may be the main audience for these films.

two_stars fair

These movies are not really worth the time or effort required to see them. While watching one of these films, one wonders why the cast and staff didn’t realize this and just throw in the towel. Perhaps their apathy is reflected in the poor results.

one_star a bomb

A complete and utter waste of time. However, sometimes the results provide sufficient (usually unintentional) comic byproducts to make these “movies” (I use the term loosely) enjoyable on some very basic level.