Happy Holidays

There is no more recommendable movie for the holiday season than It’s A Wonderful Life†(1946). The film isn’t explicitly about Christmas or any other holiday, even though its final scenes take place on a day just before Christmas, perhaps even Christmas Eve and the cast sings “Auld Lang Syne” at the end. Themes of spirituality, […]

TV Bonus: Brady Bunch trivia

Alice’s beau Sam had a surname other than “the Butcher.” In one of the last season episodes, Mike leaves on his home drafting table an envelope containing plans for an expansion of Sam’s butcher shop. “Sam Franklin” is written on the outside of the envelope. Of course, later in the episode Sam refers to himself […]

Mary Poppins (1964)

Anyone who thinks this is a bright, cheery film about an equally bright, cheery nanny needs to watch it again. Since it was the first movie I ever saw (during one of many theatrical re-releases), I had pleasant memories of a typically up-beat Disney product. Well, with adult eyes–even watching with my young daughter–I now […]

Tokyo Story (1953) and Brief Encounter (1945)

I sometimes like to pair or group movies, though not usually two of my favorites. Typically, I like to link films that superficially have little in common, but are tied together by something important, like a theme or something as small as a prop. However, Tokyo Story (1953) and Brief Encounter(1945) definitely belong together. They […]

Merry Christmas

Have a great day. If you’re looking for good entertainment today, look at my earlier post on holiday movies. Tags: Uncategorized

A Touch of Evil (1958)

The adjectives that I applied to Blue Velvet as a teenager (audacious, exciting, and original ) really belong to A Touch of Evil, Orson Welles’s 1958 noir masterpiece. Treated as a routine B effort at its original release–perhaps because it was missing footage that Welles had included in the original print–this is one of those […]