About This Site

Movies are amazing things. Often more than mere entertainment, they have the ability to make you think, feel, and do. In fact, because films combine the best qualities of the visual, performing, and literary arts, their power to transform our lives is greater than a song, a painting, a book, or a play. Of course, as with any art form, not all movies are equal, and there is always an element of subjectivity embedded in even the most universally acclaimed examples of the form. However, that is part of film’s mystique and strength. As great literature, painting, and sculpture further decline in popularity, film remains that rare art form that can still raise our passions to the point that people will regularly argue over a movie they just saw or an old favorite (or not so favorite).

Okay, now that I have spouted off, I will explain why I have decided only now to create a blog devoted to a subject that has fascinated me for most of my life: The more I read reviews, articles, and books about films online and off, the more dismayed I become about the dwindling number of people who truly know what they are talking about and the rising number of sites filled with “reviews” that are ill-informed and are wirtten by people with no clue about film history and art.

This has become especially alarming for several reasons: The Internet has opened up a boundless forum that allows anyone to opine about anything under the sun on what is essentially a level playing field, even though most of what is written should probably not be distributed beyond the authors’ hard drives. In an era in which $100 million movie budgets have become the norm and movie studios focus their capital on what the market will bear, it is the duty of anyone who cares about what movies can be to remind people that they do not have to settle for the lowbrow, over-cautious, or copy-cat stuff that is forced upon us at the megaplex.

Even worse, I regularly read reviews after I have seen a movie, and I am appalled at the number of errors that appear in reviews written by respected critics writing for some of the most widely read and respected publications and sites. I am not talking about online articles by informed fanatics (like me), but professional reviewers at big newspapers. It’s apparent that these pros either did not see the entire movie, weren’t paying attention, or were just plain careless. I can’t decide which of these scenarios is worse.

So, I, vowing never to commit to writing anything that I can’t prove is true, have decided to singlehandedly right the wrongs of so many others writing about movies by giving you my views on movies, new and old, and various subjects related to films and film-making. I hope you enjoy.

If you want to know more about where I’m coming from, you can read about why I think I’m qualified to write about movies. You can also skip right to my ratings and short reviews pages, if you don’t feel like reading my articles and reviews right now, but please read them some time.