Detour (1945)

You should be watching the Bruins and Blackhawks battle for the Stanley Cup or a baseball game, preferably the Red Sox. Or you should be biking, barbecuing, or swimming. However, if you really want to take in a movie, I recommend Detour (1945).

Edgar Ulmer's masterwork is barely over an hour, making it a nice bite-size entertainment that won't keep you indoors too long. Better yet, it will stop you from picking up hitchhikers, if you're planning a road trip.

The aptly named actress Ann Savage is sensational as a femme fatale who turns nice guy Tom Neal's world upside down. Any further description of the plot would spoil this tight, stylish film for viewers.

Suffice it to say, Ulmer's expressionist background, dirt-cheap budget, outstanding screenplay, and week-long shoot ensure that this noir classic is a fast-paced little gem of the genre that has become a must-see for noir aficianados and a treat for all. This is the movie that The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946) wishes it could be.



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