Blue Velvet (1986)

Blue Velvet (1986) was audacious, exciting, and original when it premiered more than 20 years ago. In retrospect, however, director David Lynch’s work doesn’t seem as groundbreaking as it once appeared.  I first saw the movie the night it opened in Washington, D.C. Based on media buzz and the interest of friends, I was so intent on seeing it that I was willing to sit on the floor of a tiny auditorium at the Key Theater in Georgetown. I actually ended up seeing it at least two more times soon afterward, each time feeling the thrill that comes from viewing flawless genius. Now, I’m not so enraptured by what is essentially a campy neo-neo-noir (Chinatown [1974] being the model of neo-noir). All of this surprises me, since I’m a big fan of film noir and Lynch. The first season of “Twin Peaks” is more accomplished and entertaining.


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