Who Really Directed It?

I love lists almost as much as I love movies. I’ve started compiling a list of movies directed by people other than the credited director. Many movies are credited to multiple directors (Singin’ in the Rain and There’s Something About Mary are but two), but those don’t count. I’m talking about situations where, for one reason or another (the original director was fired or walked off the job, the studio had another director make later changes, etc.), a filmmaker or filmmakers other than the person appearing in the credits as the director directed part of the final product.

Here are a few to start. (The person who’s named in the credits is listed first.)

It seems appropriate to begin with one of those rare instances in which two directors who did not collaborate were given equal billing. Both Michael Curtiz and William Keighly are credited with directing The Adventures of Robin Hood. Apparently, Curtiz went over budget and was fired by Warner Brothers, which assigned Keighly to complete the $2 million project. We now know it went on to become a huge success then, more than making up for its astronomical cost, and since as a beloved classic.

Duel in the Sun: King Vidor, David O. Selznick, Otto Brower, William Dieterle, Sidney Franklin, William Cameron Menzies, and Josef von Sternberg.

Gone with the Wind: Victor Fleming, Sam Wood, George Cukor, David O. Selznick, Val Lewton.

The Wizard of Oz: Victor Fleming, Mervyn LeRoy, Richard Thorpe, George Cukor.

Annie Get Your Gun: George Sidney, Busby Berkeley, Vincente Minnelli.

The Thing from Another World: Christian Nyby, Howard Hawks.

The Magnificent Ambersons: Orson Welles, Robert Wise.

Mutiny on the Bounty (1962): Lewis Milestone, Carol Reed, George Seaton.

His Kind of Woman (1951): John Farrow, Richard Fleischer.

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